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    The selection of the Kauhalepono Replacement Home Project as one of HCDB’s first projects was based on the urgency to replace collapsed homes or seriously deteriorated homes which were forcing families to vacate their homes for health and safety reasons. Research indicated that many homesteaders have been unable to move forward with constructing a new home due to high construction costs, inefficient income to qualify for a new mortgage, credit issues, and the complicated process involved in demolishing and building a new home.


   This project provided technical assistance to families in repairing their credit,  finding affordable mortgage financing, and selecting a qualified contractor. HCDB used a NAHASDA grant program that provided $15,000 in down-payment assistance to homestead participants. Participants also received general excise tax, building permit, and dumping fee waivers which saved each of our families more than $10,000 in costs.


   Participation in the program was limited to homesteaders on DHHL lands on the island of Oahu. Most of the replacement homes were done in Nanakuli which had the biggest need.

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