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    Hawaiian Community Development Board (HCDB) is a non-profit established in 2000 with the express mission of supporting and promoting housing, community, and economic development projects that benefit families living in the Hawaiian Home Lands and communities throughout the state of Hawaii.
Under the leadership of Patti Tancayo and with the support and guidance of a dedicated and knowledgeable Board of Directors of all Native Hawaiians primarily from homesteading communities , HCDB has developed an aggressive plan to provide some exciting opportunities in the various homestead areas.

The team assembled by HCDB to develop projects in the Hawaiian Home Lands communities consists of highly qualified, experienced professionals with a mutual commitment to our Hawaiian people. HCDB is a partner in ʻIkenākea Development LLC, established to develop affordable housing projects in Hawaii. ʻIkenākea has experience in building over 5,000 residential units of all types while utilizing a broad array of funding sources.
Patti Tancayo
Senior Vice President

    Patti Tancayo is a native Hawaiian born and raised on Ho'olehua homestead on the island of Molokai. She has extensive experience in all aspects of housing and community development focused on Native Hawaiians, including over 10 years as Housing and Community Development Supervisor at OHA. She was responsible for its housing programs and served as a technical liaison and contract compliance specialist. She developed funding models, initiated housing projects and conducted extensive market research and analysis into the housing needs of Native Hawaiian families throughout Hawaii.


At HCDB she is responsible for the Kauhalepono Replacement Home Project and Hale Makana O Nanakuli Project. She was instrumental in putting all the funding together for both projects, and is well-versed in low-income housing tax credits, new market tax credits, the Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation funding process, and the various loan programs for DHHL homesteaders.

Bringing the Vision to Life

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