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Hawaiian Community Development Board (HCDB) is a non-profit organization established in 2000, driven by a deep-rooted commitment to Hawaiian values. Its mission is to support and promote housing, community, and economic development projects that benefit families across the islands and throughout the state of Hawai'i. These initiatives not only aim to provide affordable housing but also strive to strengthen Hawaiian communities through comprehensive development projects.

Under the leadership of Jackie Burke, and with the unwavering support and guidance of a dedicated and knowledgeable Board of Directors — all of whom are Native Hawaiians primarily from homesteading communities — HCDB has developed an aggressive plan to provide exciting opportunities in various areas. This plan is more than just a strategy; it's a manifestation of a shared vision to uplift and empower the Hawaiian community through sustainable development, cultural preservation, and community engagement.

HCDB's approach to development is holistic, ensuring that every project aligns with the core values of the Hawaiian culture and positively impacts the social and economic well-being of its people. By focusing on building resilient and thriving communities, HCDB continues to be a beacon of hope and progress in Hawai'i, demonstrating the power of community-centered development fueled by a commitment to Hawaiian values and traditions.

Jackie Burke

Jackie Burke, the Chairwoman of the Hawai'i Community Development Board (HCDB) and a founding member, stands as a significant figure in Hawaiian community development. Her tenure has been marked by impactful roles in various Hawaiian organizations. Her commitment to the Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce and her active participation in the Kalihi-Pālama Hawaiian Civic Club showcase her dedication to cultural preservation and community empowerment. Additionally, Jackie's involvement with Pā Kui A Holo, focusing on the art of Lua, and her foundational contributions to the housing sector of HCDB further highlight her deep-rooted engagement with Hawaiian communities.

Jackie's achievements reflect her diverse talents and dedication to Hawaiian culture. Her artistic skills have been recognized through her featured works with the Association of Hawaiʻi Artists, demonstrating her creative flair. As a cultural ambassador, she played a pivotal role in the Cook’s Life in the Pacific exhibition at the Honolulu Academy of Arts, facilitating the international exchange of valuable cultural artifacts. Moreover, her leadership in the community is evident through her orchestration of significant initiatives like the Once Were Warriors event, which addressed domestic violence in Hawaiian communities, and her pioneering role as the publisher/editor of The ʻŌiwi Files, a prominent Hawaiian news journal and publishing company. Her involvement in the Pew Civic Entrepreneur Leadership National Project further underscores her unwavering commitment to nurturing a resilient and culturally enriched Hawaiian community.


Anthony Negrillo


Jade Danner

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