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Hale Makana O Uluwehi

On November 26, 2019, pursuant to an RFP process, DHHL awarded HCDB the development rights to redevelop and manage the existing Ulu Ke Kukui Multi-family Housing Project located on Hawaiian Home Lands in Maili. This project entails the complete repurposing of the Ulu Ke Kukui transitional apartments into long term affordable rentals for DHHL beneficiaries on the homestead waiting lists.


The present Ulu Ke Kukui units are small and were intentionally designed by Hawaii Housing Authority open to the public for short-term 30 day stays for homeless. The studios are 288 square feet per unit, and the two-bedrooms are only 600 square feet per unit.   As currently designed, these studios, two-bedroom, or three-bedroom configurations would be below average size, undesirable, and not suitable for long-term living. Therefore, architect WCIT has designed the studio and two-bedrooms into 40 spacious two-bedroom, two-bath apartments or 8 units per building. The interior living space will be spacious with adequate closets, interior washer dryers, and new energy efficient appliances.


The new rental apartments will be separated by fencing from the social service buildings so that it will be viewed by the community as a stable place to live and no longer a transitional shelter.   The Ulu Ke Kukui rental project will also serve as a stepping stone for native Hawaiians seeking single-family homeownership or if the family choses to remain, a beautiful place to live and flourish. Hawaiian Community Assets will provide counseling and assistance.  Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement (CNHA) will provide job counseling.

Funding for the $16.5 million project may consist of HHFDC's Low-income housing tax credits, Hula Mae bond, federal funds, and a permanent bank loan. City has already committed $3.1 million in HOME funds. Funding is anticipated by the middle of 2022.

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