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Hale O Piʻikea Phase I

This 100% affordable multi-family rental housing project located on the southeast portion of the Kihei Downtown Project in Kihei, Maui was awarded 4% low-income housing tax credits (LIHTC), Rental Housing Revolving Funds (RHRF), and Hula Mae Multi-Family Bonds in July 2021. In addition to this funding provided by the State of Hawaii’s Housing Finance and Development Corporation (HHFDC), this project was also awarded funds from the County of Maui’s Affordable Housing Program (AHP). As a result, Hale O Piʻikea has been placed as a tier 1 priority project in the County of Maui’s Affordable Housing Plan to help reach the goal of building 5,000 affordable homes in five years.

The proposed Hale O Piʻikea Project is being developed, pursuant to Chapter 2.96, Maui County Code, to help address the critical shortage of affordable housing for low-income Maui families. The housing units will be made available in accordance with the County of Maui’s Affordable Rent and Sales Price Guidelines.

Hale O Piʻikea will involve the new construction of two four-story buildings, comprising of 90 one, two and three bedroom living units and will provide affordable long-term rental housing for low-income Maui residents (60% AMI or less). The proposed rental housing project will be configured with the following unit mix: 18 one bedrooms (528 sf), 57 two bedrooms (722 sf), 14 three bedrooms (1,046 sf). Of the 90 units, 5 of the units will be for mobility impaired and 2 units will be for hearing and vision impaired. The building will also include a large community resource center with large meeting spaces to accommodate social functions, Tenant Association meetings, and services/programs offered on-site by outside health and social service providers. There will be common laundry facilities, a computer lab, and onsite parking spaces for tenants and guests. Site amenities will include an exercise room, community gardens, an outdoor gathering/picnic space, and secured bicycle parking stalls.

This project is also one component of the Kihei Downtown Development, promoting mixed-use sustainable development in Kihei to foster a closely-knit, live/work community environment. The project’s central location will facilitate convenient access to public transportation routes, health and social services, government offices, shopping, restaurants, and employment opportunities that support positive, healthy lifestyles for project residents. The site also ties into several bike lanes and walking paths for residents to utilize as alternative modes of transportation to the various community amenities nearby.


The development will be built as a LEED Gold project and its design will incorporate energy-efficient measures to help minimize operational costs including a Solar PV system for all common electricity and solar water heaters, energy-efficient fixtures and energy-star appliances for all units.

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